Web Design


Personal service
We have a high level of service. The customer will always meet personal service. We think outside the box, so that means we are flexible on what you need help with? Everything can be fixed!

Webdesign – Tailored to your needs
We offer a publishing solution that allows you to edit the page. The user interface is almost like Microsoft Word, where you using simple icons can determine the text size, etc.

Security and Performance
When we make website to our customers, so it is important for us to safety and performance of the webpage. We use a program that checks the page for errors, security holes and performance problems.


Website with CMS.
This means that you can edit your page. The user interface is almost like Microsoft Word , where you using simple icons decide the text size, etc.

We can provide web server and domain name if desired.
This means that you do and think about some things, we provide everything the website and make.

We can set up everything from forums to shop or whatever you want.
We can set up forums, gaming page div games, online shop, company page, private websites, info page, blog and much more.

Would you like us to run your webpage?
We can host your website and update it by maintaining it.

We think outside the box
This means that if there is anything else you want, contact us. As we say : ” Everything can be fixed! ”

Website and Design
To design a website is an art. It requires knowledge and time to create a good side . There are many different types of variations in web design that exists today so considering it gives Christian Kjellevold a customized website to suit your needs!

Creating a website can take from 5 hours to months or years . Everything with how advanced your page will be. Should it be ” registration system” , “forum ” , and more may soon take time. If you have a page with ” Home” “News” ” Contact form ” etc so it does not take that long. Everything is how you want it . If you ever want and update your page eg after 1 year, then you can simply contact us. and we will remember you as a customer and give you a good deal .

Do you have a lot to do in the company or do not have time and make your web page ? We can host your website and keep it updated whenever you want. Then you can get a deal customer.

Contact on e-mail or phone.
+47 994 32 016